Acquisitions Incorporated: Act 1

Madness in Descent
Goblins Aren't Even People

Our faithful party started their day off with delightful breakfast and unannounced message from the mysterious Balabar Mucklebuck. Spurred on by the promise of platinum and placating poison, the #614 made their way to Myriad Tower where they were told they could meet with the last known contact of their quarry, the monosyllabic Churl.

When they arrived at Myriad Tower’s locked gate they found that the guard that they would get direction from was nowhere to be found. Sid the Stingy tipped a nearby beggar to get some additional information, only to be rewarded with a grunt and redirection. When provided the proper passkey, the panhandler unlocked the portal to permit the party passage. He also informed the #614 that his “cap’m” could be found below in the sewer.

Descending the spiraling staircase of the rather bland Myriad Tower, the party reached the bottom and the district known as the Depths (retconned from the Cogs). There they found themselves a midst the Rat’s Market, a spontaneous market filled with found and fenced goods. There the #614 was approached by the Goblin merchant Skakan, who didn’t get a word in before being threatened and berated into showing the way to the sewers below.

Once they’d forced their way further into the fetid depths of the Depths, they were ambushed by a thieving Warforged and his two companion shifters, presumably named Shifta and Shasta. After Magus Paenis reduced Shifta into a pile of glowing arcane dust, his compatriot turned tail and left the party turned their eyes to the remaining ragged robot. The Mark the Dragonmarked (who gets no additional nicknames) scooped up his companion onto his shoulders to provide high ground to be knocked from when sewer water gushed forth. However, with several well placed strikes and a couple of even loosed arrows lobbed from the Luckless Lyraine, the Warforged fell and provided the party with a particularly powerful weapon.

After healing from the Daring Darra, the Paenis performed an arcane ritual to read a journal written in a long lost language that was provided to them earlier, discovering that it belonged to the long dead Baelon d’Cannith, master artificer. And just around the corner they discovered a door with an arcane rune matching that very journal!

The door clanked open, but what could be waiting for our fateful #614 on the other side? Could it be treasure? could it be the elusive Churl? Could it be the knowledge needed to create a rabbinical robotnik?

Find out next time on


The #614 meets
How I Learned to Stop Dying and Love the Dice

The party got together for the first time and immediately started blowing their most expensive spells on some of the most trivial things.

After meeting with the quest giver, the party was immediately beset upon by a Shambling Mound which nearly killed pretty much everyone. The party’s sheer incompetence was nearly their undoing, but they eventually came together and burned the pile of moving vines with acid and fire.

After a long but curiously quiet struggle, the party was able to leave without much attention from the guards. They returned back to the Cloak and Stagger to recuperate.


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